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Mortal Kombat Story (2014) remastered 2017 E04 Fatal Street Fury.avi


Posted on December 31, 2017 in Anime » Misc

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[anime] E04 Fatal Street Fury.avi
[anime] E04 Fatal Street Fury.avi   979.78 MB

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     - many more to come
I need feedback guys, as I MIGHT be able to get the original maker to remake it - I KNOW they have all the NEW better quality footage they need, I've seen their video library (because I've helped them on a few things recently). They will take some convincing but enough of us requesting it here, and I can send them a pic of the comments

First created by "D.J BeatMaster Jazz" in 2008 on youtube (some vague remnants still remain) under the "Totally Wacked Productions " reference and T.W Productions. Since it's creation, it has come along way, in 2014 "D.J BeatMaster Jazz " then remade it in 2010 and in 2014, this was later in 2015 given new attention and life by "Miss_Kitti " of JazzyRock Pictures. After the great copyright war on Youtube in 2012 "D.J BeatMaster Jazz" had given up on trying to release it, as his only other outlet was Limewire until it's demise in 2008/9. But after the rise of  JazzyRock on KAT in 2015 he sparked new hope, since then kept a low profile, but he has just recently revamped and remastered "Mortal Kombat Story " - where Tekken meets Streetfighter, Fatal Fury, Mortal Kombat...... . and speaking of BAT's you'd be surprised to see who makes major appearances in this story adaption. Some episodes do have an occasional watermark  - but as much as possible of the watermarked stuff has been replaced with new footage, but as yet [we are still eagerly trying] D.J BeatMaster Jazz said he will not remake it from scratch unless there are a lot of requests and downloads - as it would take him a long time, and a lot of work to redo.


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